St James beach is celebrating its oceanic wildlife with recently-added murals that depict all the unique creatures that can be found in the beach’s tidal pool. They also allow locals to identify the different marine species.

A mural wall at the beach reads, “Meet the locals, these are some of the many animals we share this pool with”, bringing awareness of the creatures to the forefront of visitors’ thoughts.

The artistic creations were made in association with The Beach Co-op, a non-profit organisation that is inspired by a deep love for marine animals and the conserving of their environment. The group arranges various beach clean-ups and collects data along the coast to assist in protecting marine life with the help of volunteers.

From octopi to sea snails, the murals depict the vibrant and beautiful sea life that St James proudly boasts.

The murals were inspired by the way the tidal pools in the area are cleaned; The Beach Co-op organisation is working with the city to change the cleaning protocols for the better.

Due to the shear amount of time that The Beach Co-op team spends at local tidal pools, they were inspired by the beautiful creatures they encountered there and the murals themselves were based off photographs that one of the members, Lisa Beasley, took while snorkelling.

Local artist Claire Homewood, working under the label Care Onelove, produced the beautiful works of art.

So, the next time you visit the iconic St James beach on the False Bay coast, remember to have a look at these murals and find out about the wonderful creatures we share the planet with.

Learn more about The Beach Co-op here.

Pictures: Facebook/The Beach Co-op

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