The Stellenbosch Slow Market hosts a Christmas market that is renowned far and wide. This market has been ranked among the top 50 in the world by Big Travel 7, and comes in at the number 5 spot.

Big Travel 7 has released it’s official list of the world’s top 50 Christmas Markets, and these rankings are determined by the following factors:

– Variety of vendors

– Entertainment

– Local traditions

– Reader suggestions

The Stellenbosch Slow Market is not the only local market that made the cut – the Franschhoek Village Christmas Market appeared at number 39 on the list as well.

The top 5 Christmas markets across the world include:

1. Christkindlmarkt – Leavenworth, Washington, USA

Want to soak up the Christmas vibe but can’t make it to Germany? Leavenworth is a Bavarian-styled village in the Cascade Mountains. Every winter the “Village of Lights” comes alive during the holidays for a unique winter experience. There’s Alpine lodge buildings and hotels, Christmas markets and Bavarian beer and food.

2. Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market – Birmingham, England

It’s one of the biggest German Christmas markets outside of Germany. So, you can expect a truly amazing experience. Take a ride on the ornate carousel, listen to traditional carols and Christmas songs, and shop ’til you drop at over 80 beautiful wooden stalls.

3. Zagreb Advent – Zagreb, Croatia

This beautiful market has consistently been voted the best Christmas market in Europe and it isn’t hard to see why. The whole city is taken over by a Christmas spirit, with an outdoor ice rink, lots of trees and lights, as well as rides for the kids.

With some great street food stalls and local crafts, this is the sort of market that you could easily return to for a couple of days in a row.

4. Christmas Village Belvedere Palace – Vienna, Austria

The streets are filled with the aromas of roasting chestnuts and the bars do a brisk trade in alcoholic punch and beer.

Vienna is such a beautiful city and the historical backdrop and lights only brighten things up further, making it a stunning place to walk around. If you can’t get into the Christmas market spirit in Vienna, you never will!

5. Stellenbosch Slow Market – Stellenbosch, South Africa

This fantastic local market celebrates artisan crafts and food all year round, but their annual Christmas fest is a must-visit. There’s all sorts of goodies to browse, such as Gingerbread houses, artisan home décor, 100% raw organic chocolate, Biltong, and German Christmas biscuits.

Picture: Big Travel 7

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