Change up your Christmas tree game this festive season and live your best sustainable life by opting for something a little different but equally beautiful.

While plastic Christmas trees are reusable they are not recyclable and if you’re a Capetonian looking for the most sustainable option, a plastic tree simply isn’t it. If you’ve hit a bit of a wall and your inspiration for what to put the gifts under this year has run dry, here are a few options to spark for festive cheer and creativity at the same time.

1. Wine bottle Christmas tree


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When in Cape Town, do as the Capetonians do and drink all the wine you can, but keep the bottles because there’s perfect for an alternative Christmas tree.

This is somewhat of a higher level design and will need a good amount of elbow grease to achieve but is no less an awesome option for the festive season.

All you need is a frame with pipes to fit inside each bottle and, of course, a large number of wine bottles. You could either collect these through the year, gather them from friends or even visit your closest wine farm to see if they have a few to spare.

Once the new year rolls around there are a variety of recyclable options for your bottles as well, from reusing them in your garden to popping a few candles in them.

2. Wall mounted Christmas tree

Space is almost always an issue when you’re living in the Mother City and we’re always paying too much for too little.

If you, like the rest of Cape Town, don’t have enough space for a full sized tree, a great options is to make your tree mounted on the wall.

This option allows for a great deal of creative license, allowing you to use what you have at your disposal to create a unique and unusual tree.

From wood to twinkle lights and even just classic decorations, string your tree up on the wall and get creative.

3. A succulent or fynbos tree 

How can you not appreciate the beautiful fynbos and succulent plants all around you when you get to call the Mother City home.

Make your Christmas tree a living tribute to the Cape’s unique biodiversity by incorporating a fynbos or succulent touch.

All you’ll need is a pot and chicken net, plus a selection of plants to line your net grid. Arrange the plants as you like and even pop in a few decorative items in between.

You can give your tree a sprits of water when needed and replant the plants once you’re done.

4. Driftwood tree

Spend some time walking along a beach anywhere in Cape Town and you’re sure to pick up a few interesting piece of driftwood.

Take what you’ve collected and turn it into a beautiful tree just in time for Christmas.

You can create your tree to suit your taste and even decorate with shells and other beach-themed items.

Once the festive season is done there’s a variety of options for reusing your wood from in the garden to firewood.

5. A cardboard tree

Reuse those cardboard boxes you’ve had sitting in the corner all year and give them a second life as a Christmas tree.

Get a good sturdy pole or dowel rod and cut your cardboard into long rectangular sticks and pierce them on your centre pole.

Arrange their direction from the centre according to your preference and bam, you’ve got a stylish Christmas tree for virtually nothing.


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