Cape Town is one of the world’s most forward-thinking and environmentally aware cities. The Mother City is always finding new ways to tackle pollution problems and another amazing invention launching in the Mother City will do just that.

Single-use and non-biodegradable coffee pods have long been criticised as environmental menaces, leading to countries such as Germany banning them all together.

Everyday, millions of people use unsustainable coffee pods that end up in landfills and contribute largely to the world’s plastic problem. A local company aims to turn this around.

The number of coffee pods that have been discarded could wrap around the planet 10 times and 75-million homes in the US alone use coffee pods everyday, according to The Story of Stuff Project.

Locals don’t have to give up their machines, they just have to change their pods. 4WKS makes it possible for Capetonians to enjoy their favourite brew without negatively impacting the environment.

A close up for the new sustainable pods.

This revolutionary product will launch for the first time, right here in the Mother City at the Oranjezicht Market this Saturday, November 23 and Sunday, November 24.

They are uniquely made from sugarcane waste known as “bagasse” and are 100% compostable. They have the same break down time as an apple core.

The 4WKS pod is the result of a collaboration between Cape Town top micro-roasters, namely Deluxe, Rosetta, Terbodore and Naked.

A pod and apple side by side, these compost at the same rate.

The pods are best enjoyed fresh, which means you’ll need to dedicate a stop each week to filling up your supply, like milk or eggs.

A new era for coffee pods has just began and now locals can treat it the same way they do their fruit and veg and not feel guilty about indulging in a coffee pod in the morning.

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