In the heart of the trendy V&A Waterfront, a new initiative that focuses on sustainability and providing food to those in need is blooming.

The Octopus Garden is a unique concept that involves a garden that has the ability to move from place to place like an octopus would from rock to rock in the ocean.

Essentially this project upskills members of the community to teach them either about growing vegetables or selling sustainably grown botanicals.

Shaped just like the resourceful cephalopod of the deep, the garden is also a sight to behold.


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This amazing garden is the result of a collaboration between Musgrave Spirits, the V&A Waterfront and the Eco Brick Exchange.

Eco bricks are used to build various parts of the garden ensuring a sustainable angle while Musgrave offers entrepreneurial support to community members by helping them sell botanicals grown in the garden to local bars for them to serve with their cocktails.

A garden wouldn’t be much without a good green thumb to run the grow.

Meet Mike, a custodian of the Octopus Garden and an inspiring young man. He led us along a tour of the garden explaining all the unique features including worm farms, water saving features, recycling water and everything that’s growing.

The garden was truly flourishing and it is no doubt due to his eagerness to work on it and his enjoyment of every second spent doing so.

We’re told the biggest harvest yet will take place this week and will surely bless many hungry mouths across the city.

The Octopus Garden supplies food for Ladles of Love, a local soup kitchen and organisation to feed homeless people in Cape Town, as well as Haven, a night shelter for those in need.

So the next time you grab a Musgrave G&T, don’t forget to ask where your garnishes come from and stop by the Octopus Garden for a tour. It is sure to tentacle your fancy.

Address: Merchant House, 19 Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Pictures: Facebook/Open Design Afrika

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