A few lucky Capetonians had a particularly interesting shopping experience while visiting Pick n Pay in Plumstead, when a T-Rex rolled its shopping cart through the aisles.

This cute inflatable T-Rex costume was seen at a local grocery store this week, bringing smiles to many faces and adding a touch of entertainment to an otherwise mundane visit to the store.


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The Engrave Slave was hard at work delivering Ninja-Style Masks all over Cape Town today. Finally it was time to get some essential items for the house from the Local Plumstead Pick N Pay. @picknpay #CoronaSaurusSA #NinjaRexSA #mask #covid #facemask #filtermask #coronavirus #masks #cosplay #corona #wearamask #staysafefromcorona #love #stayhome #cosplay #virus #protectivewear #like #quarantine #dinosaur #cosplayer #lockdown #trex #staysafe #halloween #flattenthecurve #handmade #covid_19 #bhfyp

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Nicknamed the “Coronasaurus”, this fun costume is actually part of a bigger plan to deliver ninja-style masks and face shields to residents nearby in Cape Town.

Local business The Engrave Slave, started by Michelle Roodman is brightening up lockdown for many by delivering face shields and masks while dressed as a T-Rex – or NinjaRex – as Roodman likes to call it. Roodman can usually be found at conventions selling unique works of art with detailed engravings.

“Basically we started delivering masks in the T-Rex costume recently just to make it a bit of fun because a lot of people have been stuck at home for weeks and with the lockdown being very strict still and people having to work from home and being asked not to do too much movement besides going to the shops for essential items, it’s a bit of a fun thing to see a T-Rex going shopping. So based on the whole idea that a hazmat suit is supposed to keep you safe, the idea was that the T-Rex costume could be PPE. The idea is that Coronasaurus has come out to deliver your mask, making sure you’re safe and he’s safe and you get to meet someone different in your day and it’s a good little chuckle. It’s a nice little change,” says Roodman.

“Of course at the end of the day Coronasaurus also has to do her shopping and do her normal day-to-day life things and that’s how it came about,” adds Roodman.

After a busy day of delivering masks and face shields, the coronasaurus stopped over for a spot of shopping before heading home, entertaining many and certainly brightening up the otherwise gloomy mood in the waiting line outside Pick n Pay.

If you would like to have this awesome NinjaRex deliver a mask to your door, you can send them an email at [email protected] to make arrangements and check your area for delivery. Delivery via Coronasaurus is R65.

“We have actually decided to do more Coronasaurus visits area by area” adds Roodman. Check out their Facebook page to see where they will go next.

They will also be launching children’s masks soon and taking new order for new masks in coming days.

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