As a new year starts and another ends, we can’t help but look back on some of the highlights 2018 brought us, and Table Mountain Aerial Cableway has done just that by compiling some of the best questions it received over the year.

Here are a few of the most entertaining, confusing and downright ridiculous questions people asked about the Mother City’s favourite attraction in 2018.

1. [Visitor message sent from Facebook, which requires Internet to use]: Hi I can’t go onto the internet – is it possible for u to send me and prices pls at least then just for an adult if not able to send all I had it all on a screenshot and not sure what happened to it?

2. I’m from eastern cape. How much do you pay for table mountain? And those activities and tours, do they cost extra because I’m single?

3. How much to go up in that cage?

4. Can one bungee jump from the cable car?

5. How much is it to go up in that cable train?

6. When I redeem a free ticket on my birthday, can my 2 kids travel with me at no cost?

7. Is it possible to drive up to the mountain?

8. Tell me, in your opinion, what is so special about Table Mountain?

9. How does the one way ticket work – how does one come back?

10. How much to spend two nights at a hotel?

11. I see the cable car is closed for annual maintenance. Can I use a bus to get to the top as an alternative?

12. Why can’t I find a KFC at the top of the mountain?

13. I am the big fan of Table Mountain. Which place is this?

14. Since I had visited table mountain in few days ago and my online ticket expires on 31.12.2018. is that unlimited to use before the expire day or only used for one time?

15. Where are you guys and is this a restaurant?

16. Is Table Mountain next to or on top of Robben Island?


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