The Krom River trail is one of several hiking trails in Limietberg Nature Reserve, which is home to 102 000-hectares of sloping mountains, steep cliffs and river valleys that are covered in fynbos. It stretches from Franschhoek in the south to the Klein Drakenstein mountains in the east and the Elandsberge in the north.

Length: 7.1 kilometres (5 hours)

Grade: A

Difficulty: Moderate

The Krom River trail begins near the exit of the Huguenot Tunnel on the Worcester side. It is important to note that this trail is immensely popular and the number of hiking permits available daily is limited.

Follow the trail across the bridge that crosses the Molenaars River – the first of four river crossings on the trail. Once the river has been crossed the trail follows the river upstream.

Continue to follow the trail (several hikers have complained that it is not as clearly marked as it could be), and eventually, you will reach an ascent along the right-hand slopes of the Krom River.

At the end of the trail lies not one, but two waterfalls. The scenery along the way is nothing to scoff at as the trail runs through a verdant indigenous forest and has spectacular views of the valley and kloofs.

There are also several river pools, which are perfect to cool off in, so packing in swimwear is a must.

The entire hike is moderately challenging and suitable for varying age groups, however, the waterfall section, which takes about two hours to reach, might be too difficult for some.

The second waterfall lies beyond the first and requires hikers to embark on a slippery climb to reach it using the chains on the trail – this is not recommended if you have a fear of heights or are not confident in your arm strength.

For those more daring, the second waterfall and rock pool is quite a sight to behold, as it is much larger than the first.


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The trail may be closed during winter and if there are heavy rains. Please enquire beforehand.

For hiking permits please contact the CapeNature call centre on 087 087 8250.

Alternatively, bookings can also be made via email at [email protected]

Please note: The Krom River trail is one of the hiking trails that is CLOSED to the public under the adjusted Level 3 lockdown restrictions.

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