If you’re looking for a great after-work or early morning hike that doesn’t take too long but also gets your heart racing, then this is it. Taking you up the side of Table Mountain, the Kloof Corner steps are the first part of a treacherous route called Kloof Corner Ridge.

You get the same beautiful views with less effort or danger, and there is even a perfect place for a coffee or an evening drink once you reach the plateau. Here’s everything you need to know.

Length: 1.4 km, 30 mins

Grade: A

Difficulty: Easy

Kloof Corner steps start just after one or two twists and turns up Tafelberg Road as if you’re going up to the cable car. You’ll notice a parking lot before you see the sign for the route. Park and get ready for a bit of light cardio.

The route starts with some steps as you ascend before levelling off for a little while as you round the corner to spot Lion’s Head and the view over Camps Bay and Clifton.

You then reach another set of gradual steps that lead you further up. This incline starts to increase a little and likely so will your breathing. The path is pretty narrow, but not dangerous. It will mean you might have to step aside for a few hikers making their way in the opposite direction. Also, look out for the seasoned trail runners as they particularly love this route and will be going pretty fast past you.

Right before you get to the plateau there are some serious steps. These have been laid out at a very steep angle so don’t be afraid to take a breather if you need to while climbing. It’s all worth it, however, when you get to the top and look out over the spectacular view.

You can sit among the overhang rocks and have a break, sipping on whatever you brought up with you. This could be the end of your walk, making your way back down the way you came. If you want to extend a little longer, you can walk the contour path that leads off from this spot towards Devil’s Peak. Follow the path until it meets Platterklip Gorge and then walk down from there.


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