Everybody’s favourite roosterkoek chef, Tannie Poppie has finally made her way to Italy. As Poppie experiences her first overseas trip, Capetonians are beaming with pride to see one of our very own living it up in Italy.

Before heading off to her new adventure, Poppie shared a touching message for all those out there who helped her Italian dream come true.

Poppie experience her first layover in Istanbal, where she took a nap like a real traveller.


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Istanbul airport layover nap like a pro traveller. #poppievanas

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While Poppie takes her first holiday ever, she also wanted to remind her local patrons that the roosterkoek will still be available for purchase from her stall.

Her daughter Amy is cooking up a story in Poppie’s place until she returns from her adventures.

Here, Poppie can be seen enjoying her first dip during her vacation.

Poppie has also been enjoying the local cuisine in Italy to the fullest.

Her first meal was comprised of a variety of traditional Italian breads for Poppie to compare to local bread options.

Poppie says the traditional Italian “gnocco fritto” reminds her of vetkoek. She went on to indulge in freshly made Italian pasta.

She is also still getting used to all the flavours of Italy and is cautious with her dish choices.

Poppie has been having a ball and even got to snap a picture with Mother Nature.

Her sightseeing adventures are taking her to many amazing places she has never seen before, and she is filled with excitement.


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Meeting Mother Nature. #poppievanas

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Her bread-eating experiences didn’t stop at dinner, Poppie is savouring all the breads she can while visiting Italy.

At lunch she got to taste Focaccia di Recco.


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Focaccia di Recco from Liguria for brunch! #poppievanas

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During her trip Poppie took her first swim in the ocean at Portovenere. She even got the chance to take her first boat ride to the small cliff-side towns of Monterosso and Vernazza.


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Early morning swim! Poppie is in the ocean for THE FIRST TIME!

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As Poppie has the time of her life in Italy experiencing things she never has before, we can’t help but eagerly await her to return.

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