Tobago’s Restaurant, Bar and Terrace at the Radisson Blu Waterfront is an idyllic setting for a romantic night out. With panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop, delicious drinks and exquisite food, there is no better place to spend time celebrating the person you love.

Upon arrival you are greeted by an array of smiling faces, instantly making you feel at home. There are no snooty, pish-posh attitudes found in this 5-star hotels. After being shown to a lovely table nestled perfectly out of the reach of the summer evening breeze, head bartender AJ Snetler ran through a signature cocktail special, which focused on the theme of love.

Using wines from Warwick Estate, AJ and his incredible team have invented a trio of mind-blowingly delicious and perfectly balanced cocktails. Named after three of the eight different types of Greek love, Snetler brought “Pragma,” Eros,” and “Ludus” to life.

It certainly is a difficult task deciding on a favourite. Each cocktail pairs perfectly with a different setting. All three drinks will leave you wanting more.

On a hot, relentless summer day, Ludus, the playful love, provides a sweet sip of relief. This crafty concoction is made using Warwick Rosé, violet syrup, rose syrup, a squirt of lime over crushed ice. A sip of the Ludus is like a kiss from summer.

Ludus, the playful love. Image: Imogen Searra

Eros, the passionate love, has been devised to soothe your weary soul. Especially if you have a mild hangover. This marvellous mixture consists of Warwick’s Chardonnay, fresh pineapple and passionfruit. After a night on the town, the cause is the only cure. Be sure to peel yourself out of bed and get the Eros in your system. It will breathe new life into you. Fruity and thirst-quenching, you’ll feel better with each sip.

Eros, the playful love. Image: Imogen Searra

Finally, Pragma, the enduring love. This hearty hybrid brings smoke, burn and zest to the table. Using the Warwick Cabernet Sauvignon, red peppercorn syrup and Amaretto cherries, the Pragma is in a league of its own. The sophistication of this drink makes it the ultimate way to cap off your evening. If you’ve indulged in seafood, steak or sweet treats, this drink should be nearby. The Pragma strikes a delicate balance between bold and burning, a testament to the ingenious skill of its maker, AJ.

Pragma, the enduring love. Image: Imogen Searra

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, your friends or your special someone to a decadent evening, then book a table at Tobogo’s Restaurant Bar and Terrace. The cocktail special, at R60 a glass, is running until the end of February.

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Images: Imogen Searra

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Imogen Searra