TEARS Animal Rescue will be hosting its first sleep-a-thon of the year on November 14, 21 and 28. Those who are compassionate towards animals are encouraged to bring a sleeping bag or camping gear and spend the night bunking in an enclosure of rescued dogs and cats.

“Find out why shelter pets cuddle better, help fundraise for their future and join us for a sleepover you’ll never forget,” it said via Facebook. “TEARS continues to be a lifeline for underprivileged pets and their owners as COVID-19 persists, and our immediate response to animals in need is made possible by the generosity of supporters like you.”

Currently, there are 46 dogs and cats that are hospitalised and receiving critical care and treatment at the TEARS Welfare Clinic.
“We are seeing an overwhelming increase in starvation, injuries and fatal illnesses like biliary, erhlichia, distemper and parvovirus. And with the ongoing impact of COVID-19, pet owners in low-income communities are struggling and are unable to contribute towards their veterinary bills,” the organisation said.
TEARS urgently needs your help to raise R100 000 for medical treatments and to keep our Mobile Clinics running. A donation of R100 goes a long way in giving animals the critical care and support they need. Please donate to the COVID Relief Fund and help us help those that have no where else to turn.”

We’re very excited that Lockdown has reached Level 2, allowing us to hold our annual Sleepathon! We’re looking forward to having you join us to spend a night at the TEARS Shelter and raise funds for animals in need. However, in these uncertain times, there is a chance that the lockdown level might change and we won’t be able to host a Sleepathon in November due to restrictions. If such a thing happens, TEARS will postpone the event to a future date when lockdown restrictions allow,” it concluded.
Make a donation that goes straight to work at www.tears.org.za/donate
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