After a public call was made by TEARS Animal Rescue to help provide foster homes for over 100 dogs in their care, Capetonians rose to the occasion and managed to get each and every hound a home.

When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the nationwide lockdown on March 23, TEARS knew they had to close down and make a plan for each and every dog in their care.

An urgent call was made to help evacuate over 100 dogs in their care and Cape Town came to the party in a big way.

TEARS posted a video of all their empty kennels and extended a word of thanks to all the people out their who made their “great escape” happen.

“As the day draws to an end and South Africa is settling in for a long 21-days at home, we can all rejoice that all of the dogs and puppies at TEARS Animal Rescue are snuggled up with their new foster families. The outpouring of support we have experienced since the President’s announcement has bolstered our spirits. We don’t have enough gratitude for the love that Cape Town has shown us,” the animal rescue facility said in a Facebook post.

While the country goes through one of the biggest challenges we’ve had to face in a long while, its comforting to know that we are able to unite and help those in need.

“We don’t have enough gratitude for the love that Cape Town has shown us,” added TEARS in their Facebook post.

The animal rescue establishment may be thankful but we’re sure that the special furry friends in their warm new homes are even more so. Thank you for helping those in need, Cape Town.

You can still donate to TEARS by following this link:

Image: TEARS Animal Rescue

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