For 20 years, Reon Zeff has been creating incredible works of art using one of Earth’s most abundant and renewable elements: sand. On any normal day, a visit to Blouberg beach will include the sight of one such sculpture.

Zeff, originally from Johannesburg, fell in love with making sandcastles when he came to Cape Town and decided to make it his career.

Over the years, he has crafted elaborate sandcastles, a lifesize car interior and even a giant disco ball among other unique sights for clients. These works of art, made purely of water and sand, take at least five hours and sometimes even days to craft and can last forever if external forces allow.

Zeff was named “one of the world’s best sand sculptors” by Castrol Oil, one of his many loyal clients. His career was riding on a high, until the COVID-19 pandemic set in.

Speaking to Cape Town ETC, Zeff explains that a major campaign he was meant to begin in March was cancelled a week before lockdown struck. With little work coming his way in 2020, he has struggled to make ends meet.

Turning to his favourite pastime, he now builds his elaborate sand sculptures almost daily on the boardwalk outside of Onse Huisie in Blouberg. Anyone can witness him creating a new masterpiece.

Zeff explains that seeing the joy on people’s faces upon witnessing his art is the best encouragement.

His latest artwork is a giant octopus with tentacles were spread out over the beachfront opposite Onse Huisie in Blouberg, inspired by the Netflix documentary ‘My Octopus teacher’.

Unfortunately, it only survived for two days before being destroyed by a compression machine on Friday morning [December 11] as the road alongside the boardwalk is being retarred.

Zeff’s skill and artwork deserve to be celebrated. If you are able to, please visit him and donate to help him make ends meet and continue doing what he loves to do.

Alternatively, here are his banking details:

Bank: Absa Bank
Name: Reon Zeff
Account number: 4062069313
Account type: Cheque account

Picture/s: Supplied

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