Capetonians have been blessed with beautiful weather after a (much-needed) rainy winter. To celebrate, Cape Town Etc’s Ollie Keohane has put together a list of five wonderful ways to make the most of your morning in the Mother City before tackling your work or studies.


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Forget cold showers and get stuck into the tidal pools spotted along Cape Town’s coast. Aside from the health benefits of cold water immersion and the wake-up it gives your body in the morning, the scenery that surrounds the Cape’s tidal pools offer an inspiring and refreshing start to the day.

If you’ve got a big day ahead and are afforded the opportunity to work from home, gravitate towards the Camps Bay tidal pool which sits at the end of the strip before the road up to Bakoven. You can go straight from your dip and into one of the many coffee shops along the beachfront to plug yourself into your working day.


If you’re looking for energy on a beautiful day, why not head over to one of the many cafes on Kloof Street for a bulletproof coffee? Bulletproof coffee is a mixture of black coffee with butter and oils to inject you with a dose of healthy fats and caffeine to aid cognitive and hormonal function.

Kloof Street is central, and close to the CBD if you have offices to get to, but is also full of brilliant spots where you can sip the coffee and do your work. Our top suggestion is The Conscious Kitchen.



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The Seapoint promenade provides a perfect space to start your day with some low-intensity exercise and a little bit of mindfulness. A walk along the strip allows for fresh sea air from one side, and Seapoint’s unique mixture of bold local art, greenery and outdoor exercise facilities on the other.

Two big ups are the safety of the strip which is always humming with people, and the collection of coffee spots and restaurants that allow for a day’s work or a morning boost.


With public spaces like parks open and thriving, you’re not going to get a much more spectacular space worldwide than Greenpoint Park. Just up the road from the Seapoint Promenade and surrounded by plenty of restaurants and cafes, Greenpoint Park is a hub of biodiversity and activity, with cycling and running paths, outdoor exercise facilities, flower sellers, jungle gyms and other forms of entertainment gracing its green expanse. Grab a coffee or breakfast from a surrounding spot or from one of the places in the park, and stroll your way into your day.


A morning routine that involves meditation, or any form of practicing mindfulness, is one that is very unlikely to ever set you on the wrong path for the day. Meditation is often enhanced by the environment in which one can enjoyably become aware of sight, sound, and smells – as the house or apartment can get a bit monotonous.

Barley Beach, tucked along Victoria Road between the end of Camps Bay and the start of Bakoven, is a safe and tranquil little escape from the energy of everything that encompasses the city. Try practicing meditation by the water’s edge and soaking up the early morning sun before your mind gets busy with the duties of the day.

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