The Cape Art Company introduced their Wood Art Collection this past weekend at the Pinotage and Biltong Festival hosted at Perdeberg Wine Cellars in Paarl.

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Helena and Keith Higgins, their aim is to bring durable and environmentally sustainable art to South Africans – at the very best price.

The collection is vibrant and their uniquely African-inspired motifs cater to those who appreciate high quality. The true appreciation of their products lies in the price range, especially for the quality of products created.

You can purchase a pine or birch wood work of art for as little as R695. The price increases as the size of the art does, so expect to pay R1 450 for a medium work of art, and R3 500 for a large piece of wood art – which is so affordable.

This beautiful large work of art will cost you a mere R3 500.

The inspiration behind the collection is global, but consciously tailored for the discerning South African consumer.

Helena Higgins, co-founder of The Cape Art Company, says their aim is to fill a market with remarkable products. “The Cape Art Company is still in its infancy,” she said. “We are a young company, catering to the young people of South Africa. These are the new homeowners who are seeking an affordable way to furnish their homes, without breaking the bank.”

The company’s wood art is made from sustainably sourced and supplied Pine and Birch wood, and paves the way forward in sustainable art.

“We have purposefully selected wood with imperfections,” Keith Higgins said. “Those knots, whirls and holes are what adds an individual element to each work of art.”

The art is the work of photographers Kim Thunder, Githe Maritz and Lambert de Wet. Each photograph is printed onto the wood, with each imperfection adding to the effect of the photograph. This also ensures that no two works of wood art look alike – even if they have the same image printed on them.

If you would like to freshen up your printed art, the company will happily provide you with a new one. Simply bring your old artwork in to their Beaconvale store, they will sand it down and print another work of art onto the ‘canvas’.

“No other canvas allows you to do this”, Keith said.

‘Three African Generations’ by Githe Maritz.
The Cape Art Company sells vibrant cushions as well.

The unique collection also includes place mats, cushions, wooden tea trays and mats.

All woven materials are made of the finest materials, including chenille and pure cotton. “We are very proud of the quality of our products,” Helena said.

The quality of the materials used to make the woven products also ensure that the colour does not run or fade. “Wash them as often as you please,” she said. “I can say with confidence that they will not fade.”

‘Zulu Weave’ birch wood tea tray.


The Cape Art Company creates quirky and uniquely African art.

To keep the collection exclusive, there are limited quantities created of each product.

“No one wants to find out that there is someone else who owns the same work of art as you do,” Keith said. “We created limited numbers of each product, and we do this not only to make sure that it remains exclusive, but also so that we can keep up with the latest trends. When a motif is outdated, we won’t create any more like it.”

To shop for The Cape Art Company products, visit their online shop here or visit their Facebook page.


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