Its hard to believe that just 55 days ago, five little boys brought a starved and scared dog to the Animal Welfare Society of SA (AWS). The story of Champ and the magnificent Five won over the hearts of South Africans across the land, and now, the healthier and happy dog has found his forever home.

“Champ you may recall was proudly ushered into our care, by five courageous young boys from Sweet Home Farm Informal Settlement in Philippi after they found him lying abandoned in a wetland area roughly five kilometres away from our hospital,” AWS said.

“The outpouring of love and generosity towards the boys and Champ following our expose of their heroic deed, was unprecedented and we were soon inundated with enquiries from animals lovers wanting to adopt this gentle Labrador Cross.”


It’s hard to believe that we first encountered the Magnificent 5 and Champ 55 days…

Posted by Animal Welfare Society of SA on Thursday, November 5, 2020

“Last weekend Champ was collected by his excited new owners, who have been patiently waiting to take him home since first applying to adopt him on September 21,” the organisation continued.

“It was a momentous ‘smiles all round’ occasion and one that we felt we needed to share with the little band of heroes responsible for saving Champ, who were so excited to see how magnificently he had progressed since that fateful day on September 8.”

AWS would like to say “thank you to everyone” who helped them ensure this “bum in the butter” outcome for Champ.
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