Remember the days of the milkman? He is a gentle reminder of years gone by. While some may believe this job is a thing of the past, today the milkman has made a comeback in Cape Town.

Lekke Fresh is a farm-to-door food service offering fresh, organic goods like dairy products, breads, meat and veg to its clientele. It is a Stellenbosch University initiative and serves over 250 people in and around Stellenbosch. This unique business is now offering a modern-day milkman service where delivery boys bring the products right to your door.

“From local artisan breads, baked each morning to good old traditional farm milk. Lekke Fresh isn’t just a name, it’s a lifestyle. It’s local. It’s organic as far as possible. And it’s fresh, farm to door,” they explain on their website.

They offer fresh cheese like plain cheddar and sharp white cheddar. Credit: Facebook
Their ciabatta is baked fresh. Credit: Facebook.

Founder and owner Henk was inspired to go back to basics and bring happiness and ease to peoples’ everyday life.

“Most students aspire to be a lawyer or doctor, but not me. I rather wanted to bring a little bit of goodness from the past and become the Modern Milkman. I made it my mission to make sure families get the best farm-fresh staple products. From bread so fresh it needs to be cut at home, to milk that can still give kids a ‘moustache’ when they drink it,” he explains on his website.

“Now, we are proud to say that we are able to give our families their freshies three times a week. The day before, our six local farmers drop the fresh products off at our ‘offices/store’, and at 3.15am our Matie students brave the (sometimes wet and cold) morning hours. By 7am, the products are at the various doorsteps just in time for making sandwiches for lunch boxes and to pour milk into morning coffees.”

The deliveries happen three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 4.30am and 7am. Their milkmen are up and out from 3.15am to ensure the deliveries make it on time.

If you’d like a visit from the milkman, place an order on their website HERE.

Picture: Facebook/ Lekke Fresh

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