The majestic orcas are back on the Cape coastline. Dave Hurwitz from Simon’s Boat Company captured the most magnificent pictures of the mammals frolicking on the False Bay Coastline. In a Thursday post on Facebook he said:

“Our fabulous ORCA friends back in False Bay this morning! About 10 animals with a few familiar dorsal fins amongst them, including the notorious “Port”; the alleged shark killer! But they clearly weren’t on his menu today as the shark operators reported good sightings.
It appears as if the orca were talking to fish as they spent very little time on the surface, but for a period of almost 20 minutes, 3 of them tailed & swam alongside 2 Bryde’s whales, who were clearly fazed by their presence, but the orca made no attempt at a predation.
What added to this amazing experience was the presence of 2 very young calves in the pod.
Happy days! ”

About Orcas

– They are marine mammals, often confused for being a whale because of their name ‘killer whale’. In actual fact they are the largest members of the dolphins family.
– These mammals are incredibly popular and are found in every single ocean.
– Orcas are known for their black and white colouring but this does vary depending on where they live. Location affects their appearances, behaviour, ways of communicating and diet.
– They are highly intelligent, very adaptable and are even able to communicate and coordinate hunting tactics.
– The can swim at a speed of 54km per hour and a wild orca pod can cover over 160km a day, foraging and socialising.
– In orca pods, knowledge is passed down from elders to the young. Information about what to eat and were to find it, how to hunt and what to avoid, even vocalisations are passed down through generations.
– Orcas even have unique calls to pods and family groups, and a distinct ‘accent’.

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Pictures: Dave Hurwitz/Facebook

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