The social media sensation #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow and #TweetLikeThe2000s are two of the greatest trends to grace the internet. Essentially it’s an ode to the 90s and early 2000’s tv shows, gadgets and gizmos that raised the Millennial generation. It is also a dig at Gen Z’s childhood. If you enjoy a trip down memory lane, here are some things worth remembering…

If you were only allowed to eat sugar on a Friday, like me, then you probably spent all your pocket money on these sweet treats.

Or when you begged your parents to buy a packet of chips, just for the tazzo.

Who could forget the OG logos of prime time television

Or the hours of fun we would have with these

Don’t you wish you hadn’t thrown out your Pokémon card collection? I do.

Lest we forget where our typing skills really came from

And the birth of our generation’s creativity skills

How could we forget the chaos that ensued if we spent too much time on these

And the movie moment that shaped our generation

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