As day 27 of the nationwide lockdown slowly draws to an end, Geo Parks & Sons Timber Merchants have blessed us with this adorable video of a mother leopard roaming around what seems to be a forested area with her two cubs.

In the short clip, which has already gone viral on both Whatsapp and Facebook, you can see a mother leopard slowly walking down a pathway, closely followed by one of her cubs. Then seemingly out of nowhere, another cub pops out the bush, startling its sibling. The two cubs then follow closely behind their mother.

Take a look at the video below.

While we've all been in lockdown…

Gepostet von Geo Parkes & Sons Timber Merchants am Mittwoch, 22. April 2020

It must be stressed that while this video, and its accompanying information states the video is from Jonkershoek, this is false information. According to a Cape Leopard Trust Facebook post– “While there certainly are leopards in Jonkershoek, this specific clip was not recorded there. Please always make sure to fact check information before sending it on!”

Image: screenshot

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