A new local organisation calling themselves ‘Warrior Youth’ is encouraging Capetonians to kick the plastic habit in a unique way and join in with the Trash Mob, a way to protest against plastic packaging on food and other items. Shoppers are encouraged to ‘undress’ their grocery goods by taking them out of the unnecessary plastic packaging as they leave a store to prove just how unneeded it is, and how much waste it creates.

Warrior Youth is a recently-formed organisation that focuses on empowering at-risk youth, adults and communities and enable them to change their environments and circumstances from ordinary to extraordinary through an unusual yet effective means. The activist movement is pushing for change in supermarket shelf legislation as well as the greening and transformation of schools and community spaces.

Overall, Warrior Youth are for the environment and want to help the Mother City realise nature’s importance and encourage everyone to work to make a change for the better.

On July 13 the organisation held their first Trash Mob at Constantia Village Woolworths, where they encouraged shoppers to set their fruits and vegetables among other products free from their unnecessary plastic confides. In just two hours, they had filled a whole trolly with plastic packaging.

A trolley filled with plastic packaging at a recent Trash Mob.

Warrior Youth argues that we can’t recycle our way out of the environmental crisis and need to change our habits as a society to put an end to plastic reliance.

“In only two hours we managed to get Woolies customers to fill an entire trolley with just their plastic packaging. Many were shocked to see the unnecessary layers as they undressed and put their naked (and sexy!) food into the paper bags we provided. ⁠Enough is enough and it all starts with us! Help us tell our friends and supermarkets to #kicktheplastichabit,” said Warrior Youth in a Facebook post.

This was definitely not a one-time thing – the organisation plans to hold a number of Trash Mobs in future so if you like what you see and believe in kicking the plastic habit, join the movement and check out Warrior Youth here.

Pictures: Facebook/Warrior Youth

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