As the initial shock is dying down and everyone is settling into lockdown, various types of Capetonians have emerged showing their true isolation colours. Everyone handles strange situations differently, and everyone copes with being home this much in their own unique way.

We’re all about Cape Town and her people, so here are the different kinds of lockdowners out there in the Mother City:

1. The Darth Vaders

These lockdowners take it very seriously, and you won’t catch them setting foot outside their door. They may also be the ones shouting at others in Facebook comment sections about how appropriate it is to wear a mask.

They know all the news, are updated on the stats and spend their free time making hand santizer.

2. The socialites

They are used to going out every night, always made plans over weekends and are now having an exceptionally hard time without the usual Caprice or Modular jol.

You’ll see these lockdowners sporting a fashionable outfit to the store and posting about every group Skype, Zoom or house party they join to prove they are still the centre of their social circle.

3. The jokesters

South Africans are known for their sense of humour and while a pandemic is no laughing matter, it doesn’t hurt to see the lighter side of things. That’s why these lockdowners will be bringing on the jokes.

4. The positivity activists

It won’t do to sulk, and so we’re especially appreciative of those keeping us looking on the bright side and spreading the positivity.

Whether it’s a calming meditation app or repeated posts on social media about how best to look at the opportunities the lockdown has given you, these lockdowners are spreading the positivity and light, whether you like it or not.

5. The fitness freaks

Never mind that all the Virgin Actives are closed, you can’t even go run on the prom! Those who exercise regularly are feeling the restriction, but have decided to dedicate themselves to at-home fitness, which is of course documented at every opportunity.

In fact, some claim that now they work out even more than before lockdown …

6. The hungry-all-the-time

Have you noticed your friends all suddenly making bread? It seems lockdown has brought out the snack expertise in many. With the fridge just being around the corner, it’s hard for food-lovers to keep the cravings at bay.

These are the kinds of people who ran out of their lockdown snacks on day one. You know who you are.

7. The thirsty-all-the-time

There’s a saying that goes “It’s 5 ‘o clock somewhere…” and some Capetonians are taking that this literally. It is a global pandemic after all. Whether it’s a breakfast mimosa, a beer before lunch or a fruity cocktail, because you know, you deserve it. A little (or a lot) goes a long way to helping them feel like they’re on an exotic vacation.

8. The binge-watchers

We can all get a little sucked in at times, and with your favourite series just waiting one click away, well… who can blame them? With Netflix, Showmax, DSTV, YouTube and your long-forgotten DVDs to explore there is no reason to get off the couch.

The binge-watchers out there are already on their third series during lockdown and who knows when they’ll stop.

Which Capetonian lockdowner are you?

Picture: Facebook

Article written by

Anita Froneman