After an epic journey that started six year’s ago – where the Sampson family travelled around the circumference of Africa in a great big truck powered by nothing but solar energy and waste vegetable oil – they are finally returning to the Mother City.

The trip, affectionately referred to as ‘Africa Clockwise’, took Mark Sampson, Sam Pearce and their two children on an unforgettable adventure to 37 countries as they attempted to break a world record for the longest journey ever completed using only renewable fuel.

So far the family has travelled roughly 45 000km across a variety of unique terrain in Africa and even Europe too.


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But seems we struck it lucky – truckulence at long last!

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Part of the purpose behind the trip was to promote awareness regarding Global Warming and show people that traveling with sustainable and eco-friendly fuel is possible. They also wanted to teach people that life is short, so live it while you still can.

“We want to inspire others to travel Africa, think green and seize the day,” the family’s website reads.

So one day they packed up everything they owned, rented out their Cape Town home and took to the road where endless experiences and life lessons awaited them.

As they travelled, they experienced the specific environments of each country they ventured to meet people, understanding their struggles and educating themselves on the lives of those around Africa.


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We were enjoying a cooler morning, until the haboob arrived…

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As the journey is coming to a close, the family will be returning to the Mother City, sharing their excitement in a recent Facebook post.

“In July 2013, the Big Green Truck left South Africa, setting off up the west coast to travel Africa Clockwise on waste vegetable oil. Today, 45 000km, 37 countries and 6 years later, we finally crossed the border from the east side – only 4 years behind schedule! Brace yourself Cape Town, we’re on our way…”

From Liberia, Mauritania to Cameroon and Senegal, the family has travelled extensively and will be bringing them a wealth of knowledge and experiences unlike any other home with them.

Another adventure for the Big Green Truck.

Mark and Sam’s children grew up on the road and they proved that you don’t need Wi-Fi, iPads or cellphones to make children happy in this day and age, you only need each other and the open road.

The family during their earlier years of travel.

Read the amazing blog that details the family’s adventures here. 

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