When a woman working in her office in George heard a beautiful voice singing just outside her window, she asked the young musician to come inside and sing for her, and the video she recorded of his performance has gone viral.

Jessica Basson was working at her office on Marriman Street in George when she heard the man’s voice and melodious song, she dropped what she was doing, drawn in by the memorable tune.

It was then that Basson met 19-year-old Naelon Andrews who was singing in the streets with his guitar. She asked him to play again for her co-workers and filmed him, producing one of the most recent viral videos coming out of the Western Cape.

Andrews happily played them his personal rendition of popular international gospel band Jesus Culture’s ‘Rooftops’, and just as they were captivated with his music so was the rest of South Africa and the world.

The young musician has been showered with praise and has left many locals moved by his talent.

Picture: Youtube/Jessica Basson


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Aimee Pace

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