Stellenbosch is known for its wide variety of beautiful and award-winning vineyards, but one that stands out the most is Villiera Wines. This winery is family-run, and puts a large emphasis on preserving and protecting the environment during their wine-making process.
Villiera is known for its fine Cap Classiques, and has a good reputation for its beautifully balanced Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Stepping into the Villiera Wine Sanctuary – its sophisticated tasting room – prepares you for a luxurious experience. The Sanctuary is richly decorated, with plush seating and jewel tones. The staff are friendly, and you have the option of choosing to have a tasting in the Sanctuary, or to sit outside. We recommend not robbing yourself of the opportunity to sit outside when the weather is warm – a summer day in the winelands is the perfect opportunity to have some of the wines or MCCs on offer at Villiera.
There a number of wine tastings on offer, and one to fit every budget. There are tastings that cost as little as R40, while others cost R130.
The standard wine tasting gives guests the opportunity to taste a selection of the Villiera Range at just R40 per person. Those partaking in the tasting may also choose to throw some of the wine farm’s Domaine Grier range in the mix – you are spoilt for choice.
The recently launched Reserve Wine Tasting is available only via pre-booked appointment, from Wednesdays to Saturdays, and costs R110 per person.
Their most opulent tasting, the bubbly and nougat pairing, is available on a pre-booking basis only and costs R120 per person.
Grier Brut with the honey nougat and almonds/cranberries 
Grier Brut is a fresher, lighter bubbly which has the driest finish. It is a blend of Chardonnay and Maccabeu with a touch of Blanc de Noir. It shows minerality with a hint of raspberry flavour from the Blanc de Noir. The almonds in this nougat give it a drier complementary taste and the fruity acidity of the cranberries balances the raspberry character of the bubbly.
Villiera Tradition Brut with honey nougat and macadamias 
Villiera Tradition is the fruitier of our white bubblies and it is soft and well rounded. It is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and the fruit and soft creamy flavour combines well with the sweetest of the nougats. The macadamias add a buttery, creamy aspect to the nougat which ensures a good match.
Monro Brut with honey nougat and almonds 
Monro Brut is the richest, most mature bubbly in the Villiera range and it is yeasty and creamy with more nuttiness than the others due to the age. It is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The nuttiness of the almonds in the nougat and the underlying marzipan character combines perfectly with the Monro Brut.
Tradition Brut Rosé with Goji Berry, almond and rooibos tea nougat 
Tradition Rose is fresh and lively with an underlying berry fruit character. It is a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and a bit of Pinotage. The light copper colour combines visually with the Roses Goji berry/Rooibos nougat. In addition, the slightly acidic Goji berry complements the fresh, fruity character of the bubbly. The sweetness of the Nougat is toned down by the Rooibos (SA’s own tea) and helps to create a great match.
Villiera has also recently teamed up with the MySugar Chocolatiers team to pair four MCCs with their beautifully handcrafted chocolates. This exclusive tasting costs R130 per person, and booking in advance is essential, as the chocolates need to be created in small, fresh batches.
You will taste the same MCCs as the MCC and Nougat pairing, but take careful note of how the flavour profile changes when paired with chocolate.
Domaine Grier Brut paired with Cashew Coconut & Strawberry in Milk chocolate
A play on the classic peanut butter and jam sandwich.
Made using roasted cashew nuts which are ground in house. The added toasted coconut adds a dimension and texture to the flavour. The strawberry Pate de fruit is like a lightly set jam using pectin. They use fresh local strawberries which are reduced and set into a jam like-consistency.
Villiera Tradition Brut paired with Miso Orange Ganache in Milk Chocolate
Miso ( Japanese fermented bean paste) brings a salty umami to the Ganache. Made with fresh orange which we have reduced and cooked with the miso.
Villiera Monro Brut paired with Miso Caramel and Peanuts in Milk Chocolate
Miso brings a salty umami to the caramel. It’s like a salted caramel but with a kick and depth of flavour.
Peanuts add to the Asian inspired caramel and round of the flavour.
Villiera Tradition Brut Rosé with Ruby Rose Chocolate
Ruby has been dubbed the 4th chocolate, after milk, white and dark. It’s the biggest innovation in chocolate in 82 years and was in development for 14 years. Naturally pink and fruity, no added colourants or flavourings.
The rosé amplifies the ruby flavour without masking the delicate undertones.
Not only is Villiera home to some of the country’s most beautiful wines, but is also home to a pioneering solar installation. The wine farm has made the decision to reduce their carbon footprint since 2010, which is when the solar installation was first built.
The initial installation covers 950 metres squared, and during the latter part of 2017, the solar panel installation was increased to a total of 115 metres squared. Currently, Villiera produces a large portion of its own energy requirements from this completely sustainable source and the increased capacity provides sufficient energy to power pumps for the dams. The cellar also receives its lighting requirements through solar domes.
To address the current drought crisis in the Western Cape, Villiera installed rainwater harvesting system. Roughly 8,500 meters square of roof is connected to the rainwater harvesting system. The water is diverted from the roofs through filters and into irrigation main lines.
A visit to Villiera will never disappoint – the farm is beautiful, makes exceptional wines and MCCs, and is environmentally friendly to boot.
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