It seems that lockdown is bringing out the best in South Africans as volunteering programmes have had a 250% increase in interest and willing participants.

According to online social platform, more South Africans across the country are putting their free time into helping those in need.

The platform works to connect willing volunteers with causes so they can make a difference. Half a million South Africans have reached out to the organisation in search of NGOs they can help.

“The pandemic has given people perspective. As a result, we’re seeing an entirely new level of appreciation for community and connectedness. Volunteering, even virtually, is all about contact with other humans. It helps build new social networks and strengthens feelings of community. This leads to an increased sense of purpose, improved self-esteem, and better mental health,” Andy Hadfield, CEO of Forgood told Good Things Guy.

Charities around South Africa have had unmatched support during these trying times and many are feeling blessed to call South Africa their country.

To continue assisting those in need during the lockdown, Forgood has launched a campaign encouraging locals to become virtual volunteers. Over 400 opportunities have been loaded onto their site for consideration.

Some of the most popular causes since the lockdown began include those related to education, disaster relief and community development.

As the country continues to forge ahead during these difficult times it is comforting to know that if South Africans have anything to do with it, no one will go without help, food and support.

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