Step aside SuzelleDIY, the famous Cape Town social media personality, Tali babes, has a few hilarious tips for locals on how to deal with financially hard times as well as drink coffee in the Mother City.

Her rise to stardom came after the popular show, Tali’s Wedding Diary aired on Showmax, a mockumentary featuring the story of a bridezilla as she plans for the big day set against the backdrop of Cape Town.

Tali Shapiro, a young Jewish woman, known for her sassy and giggle-worthy personality, leaves social media followers laughing as she shares her thoughts and views.

Viewers love to hate her and also find her antics absolutely ludicrous.

The Joburg princess’ most recent post shares that although she wasn’t aware we are in a recession (the irony), there are ways to cut back and still live a glam life with all the essentials included such as manicures and costly food outings.

“We have to cut back,” she says in her post.

Her advice includes ditching the full mani-pedi for an express mani, because well “the massage and exfoliation just isn’t worth it”.

She continues to share that when eating out one should be cautious when ordering but still go to the highly priced restaurants.

In her true princess nature, Tali babes shares her opinion on how coffee should be prepared in Cape Town, warning her audience that its too hot and that she has singed her mouth multiple times.

It is clear that coffee, in Tali’s view, has to be prepared at the perfect temperature between luke warm and hot.

Tali shares that to keep her body in shape while drinking coffee she only orders black americanos, “thats what I have black Americano because milk is fattening,” she says.

Be sure to remember guys, if you just take milk out of your diet you will lose weight, exercise not included.

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