Capetonians can look forward to a particularly warm week ahead after the cool showers of the weekend.

According to the Weather Channel, Monday and Tuesday will be the coolest days of the week – apart from Sunday – which will offer locals some relief after the hot weather in the form of scattered showers.

Locals can expect the first two days of the week to be partly cloudy, with a low of 14°C on Monday and a high of 17°C. Tuesday will bring slightly warmer weather with a low of 13°C and a high of 21°C.

The Mother City’s temperatures will rise to 24°C on Wednesday, and this is just a prelude to Thursday’s high of 28°C.

Friday and Saturday will continue the trend with temperatures of 24°C and 21°C respectively. Finally Sunday will end the week in much-needed rains with a cooler high of 18°C and a low of 13°C.

Ahead of the warmer weather, Cape Town’s dam levels have fluctuated. Last week dam levels pushed up to the 82% mark again only to dip again as of Friday, September 20,2019 to 81.9%.

Hopes are the rise in temperatures will not affect the water storage too harshly and that Sunday’s rains will do their part to bolster dam levels after the week’s hot weather.

If you’re planning a day or two on the beach, remember to take your sunscreen along and don’t forget your umbrella on Sunday.

See a more detailed weather report from The Weather Channel here.

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