The Cape is known for having weather that perfectly encapsulates the phrase “four seasons in a day”. Lately, however, the weather has taken a decidedly cooler and rainier turn.

Weather forecaster Mike Berridge has predicted that the Cape’s south-western mountains may receive up to 50mm of rain on Wednesday, June 10, as a mid-altitude cyclone is expected to form near Cape Town.

“The upper atmospheric winds in this system will be extremely strong north-westerly, which will affect the gusts at ground level. Therefore gusts on this day can reach 100 km per hour. The areas affected are given wind arrows with yellow stripes, and cover nearly all of the cape, south Namibia, and south Free State. This naturally poses a severe risk of run-away fires. Winds striking the Cape west and south-west coasts should reach a sustained speed approaching gale force of 60km per hour,” Berridge said.

According to the forecaster, the cyclone will not be able to drift eastward towards the sea.

“The intense upper wind can be followed by a powerful upper level Low trough which will stall the cyclone and draw very cold air inland. This is currently expected to lead to heavy week-end rain (13 and 14 June) for the eastern and central eastern regions of the Republic with heavy snow over Lesotho. This will be clarified as the system develops,” Berridge said.

Capetonians can expect rains for three days this coming week, with downpours falling on Tuesday [June 9], Wednesday [June 10], and Thursday [June 11].

On Tuesday, precipitation of 70% is predicted, with temperatures ranging between 18°C and 13°C.

There is a storm predicted to make landfall on Wednesday, and temperatures will range between 15°C and 11°C, along with 100% precipitation.

Temperatures will range between 8°C and 13°C on Thursday, with 100% precipitation.

Picture: Pixabay

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Lucinda Dordley

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