You’ll often hear Capetonians say ‘this is the only city in the world where you can experience all four seasons in a single day’ – mornings are misty, afternoons are sunny, early evenings are windy and late evenings chilly.

Despite it being December, which is one of the city’s hottest months, we’ve had sporadic rain and that pesky chill remains in the air even when the sun is out.

The weather is so confusing, many have not yet put away their winter blankets. There is hope of this weekend brining some beach weather, but it looks like it will be interrupted with another chill next week. Make no mistake, we are very grateful for every drop of rain.

Cape Town’s weather forecast for the next seven days is a mixed bag (Source: AccuWeather)

The weekend’s forecast shows a peak temperature of 26°C despite overcast conditions, and next week’s weather is a mixed bag – Monday will be gloriously hot, but keep those rain jackets ready for Tuesday.










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