Residents of the Cape have long learned not to become too comfortable with particular weather conditions – recently we’ve had gale-force winds, cool temperatures and rain, and this week, we can expect sweltering heat.

This week, temperatures in Tulbagh will be in the high thirties. On Tuesday, January 28, the area will be 33°C. The heat will reach its peak on Thursday, January 30, with 38°C.

Temperatures in Tulbagh this week (Source:

The winelands town of Stellenbosch will also be recieve hot weather for this week, and will have a high of 36°C on Thursday, January 30. The lowest temperature will be on Tuesday, January 28, with 28°C.

Temperatures in Stellenbosch this week (Source:

Another winelands town, the beautiful Franschhoek, will also have a warm week. Temperatures, however, won’t be a high as those of neighbouring Stellenbosch. The lowest temperature will be Wednesday, January 29, with 22°C. The highest temperature will also be on Thursday, January 30, with 30°C.

Temperatures in Cape Town itself will not be as high, and locals may be able to find some days of cool solace from February, which is usually one of the months with the highest temperatures in the city.

The highest temperature Cape Town will reach this week is on Thursday, January 30, with a sunny and warm 27°C.

Temperatures in Cape Town this week (Source:

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