The Western Cape is in for a cold weekend, you can feel it in the air already. Two cold fronts will pass through the Cape and those in high-lying areas like Matroosberg and Sutherland are in for a light dusting of snow as temperatures plummet below zero. predicts light snow in Matroosberg on Friday, June 26 and also alluded to freeze-thaw conditions over the next three days.

Expect rain and scattered showers in Matroosberg until Sunday, according to Showers will be paired with icy cold temperatures of -3°C on Friday, -2°C on Saturday and -5°C on Sunday.

“It’s not raining at 4am, it’s coming down in buckets No SNOW yet, but expecting some. We trust that it will be snowing in the mountain, as temperatures last night was on our side already,” said Matroosberg Reserve in a Facebook post early Friday morning, June 26.

Sutherland is in for cold temperatures as well. On Friday, June 26 temperatures will dip to a -1°C low and again on Sunday it will reach a -2°C low, according to

Forecaster Mike Berridge predicts some areas will experience nighttime frosts and very cold temperatures.

“A low pressure trough from “LK” stretches far inland and has temporarily collapsed the common overland anti-cyclone “HD”. The trough is pulling a front labelled “F4” across the Cape bringing rain to a large area shown with pink shading. A secondary related system will follow tomorrow (Saturday) in the form of “LM” (peeping out at bottom left corner of diagram) which will cause the existing trough to become somewhat distorted. A cold front from “LM” will make landfall tomorrow in a similar way as today’s front, but will contain much stronger winds. As fresh rain moves in, winds will increase to a north-west gale, becoming gale-force westerly during the night (Sat – Sun) spreading along the south coast.

“The two cold areas on the northern side of the front are not directly related, but merely the current ambient temperatures in those areas within very dry air. There will be more clouds for Zimbabwe and north-east Botswana, but southern Mozambique and Eswatini will be in full sun due to air divergence (reddish colored arrows). The two zones marked “very cold” will experience night frosts,” says Berridge.

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