It’s been a good start to the rainy season in the Western Cape. Only a year ago Day Zero was threatening Cape Town, and residents graciously heeded the call to save water by implementing various strategies to dramatically bring down their usage.

The good news is that there is more rain on the way next week Friday, according to the South African Weather Service. Temperatures are expected to stay in the upper teens and early 20s for the next week.

Dam levels are almost at the 50% mark. A reading on June 13 showed dams standing at 48.8% full following the days of rainfall last week. At the moment, the Berg River holds the most water at 73.7% full, followed by Steenbras Upper at 68.5% full.

With a rainy winter season predicted this year, locals are hopeful that overall dam levels will rise to well over 50%.

Picture: Pixabay

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