As the Mother City heads out of a surprisingly rainy weekend, even more downpours are in store for Cape Town in spite of slightly higher temperatures.

Locals went into the weekend expecting some serious wind and sure enough, we got it – but one thing we weren’t expecting was the amount of rain received in some areas despite it not being forecast for Cape Town, but rather the greater Cape area.

It seems Cape Town will be in for even more summer rains as two more days have been predicted for the week ahead and possibly more depending on the Mother City’s usual unpredictable weather according to

Residents can expect a rainy Wednesday with temperatures experiencing a slight dip from Tuesday’s high of 24°C down to a 22°C high on Wednesday with a low of 18°C.

Scattered showers will be ushered in early in the day before heading into an overcast Thursday and Friday followed by a sunny Saturday.

Sunday is expected to bring more rainy weather than Wednesday with a high of 19°C and a low of 13°C.

Temperatures will experience an overall dip from Sunday with Monday dropping to a high of 18°C. More rain could be on the cards for the province than expected and locals are advised to keep their umbrella at hand throughout the week.

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