The Oudtshoorn community in the Karoo is rejoicing after heavy rains poured down in the drought-stricken town over the weekend.

Rain started falling on Friday, January 17 and lasted through Saturday and Sunday, drenching the parched landscape and offering some relief after residents battled extreme drought for months on end.

Residents took to social media to share the joyous news:

Chris Swart, senior manager for water and sewerage in the Oudtshoorn Municipality, said rain in excess of 50mm soaked vital catchment areas and raised dam levels by almost four percent, reports The South African. On Friday, the Koos Raubenheimer dam’s level rose to just over 43% and water is still flowing strongly into the dam, according to Swart.

The municipality’s disaster management team say no severe damages were reported as a result of overflowing rivers. This reprieve is especially welcome as the town also experienced a stifling heatwave with temperatures reaching degrees of 45 °C last week on top of the long-term drought. Sunshine is predicted for the next few days, with another shower on the cards for Thursday afternoon.

Picture: Twitter/Arrive Alive

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Anita Froneman