Although we are thankful for the heavy rains that have hit Cape Town this weekend, the downpour has caused havoc for many across the metropole. The City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre has received numerous reports of flooded roadways and fallen trees since Saturday evening.

“At this stage, there have been no power disruptions, rockfalls or mudslides reported,” said Charlotte Powell, Disaster Risk Management Centre spokesperson.

The Centre has also recieved reports of flooding in Greenpoint, Khayelitsha and Langa.

Overall, 328 dwellings have been affected by flooding, and a request has been sent to the Informal Settlements Department (ISM) for plastic sheeting and flood kits.

“A request was sent to ISM for possible relocation. Thus far, the situation doesn’t warrant activation of emergency shelter or the facilitation of humanitarian relief from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA),” Powell said.

The rainfall the city has received since the start of the rainy season has pushed the average dam level up to 60.7%. This makes it the highest dam average reached since 2016.

“The City of Cape Town is encouraged by the milestone that has been reached and thanks its water users for continuing to use as little water as possible in an effort to preserve the water that is in our dams. This remains a priority effort to ensure that we build a buffer against the summer months ahead,” the City of Cape Town said in a statement.

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