It seems Cape Town did not get the memo that it is Spring. In true Cape Town fashion, the coming week is expected to bring all four seasons, jumping from sunny skies one day to rain the next and warmer temperatures by the weekend.

The week kicks off with a high of 17°C and low of 11°C on Monday [September 28], and continues in the same pattern on Tuesday [September 29].

As the month draws to a close on Wednesday [September 30], the weather takes a turn. There is a 50% chance of rain, a high of 16°C and low of 9°C predicted. Storm Report predicts a strong cold front will hit on Wednesday, bringing moderate to heavy rainfall over the Western Cape and parts of the Eastern Cape.

According to Afriwx Souther Africa Weather, Rainfall & Storm Reports, there is the possibility of snow throughout the country. “The rainfall you see on Wednesday through Friday across the central interior and though the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape into Western KwaZulu-Natal is largely expected to be snow and mixed rain/snow,” they write on their Facebook page.

Thursday [October 1] has a 20% chance of precipitation and clouds will dominate the skies. A high of 16°C and low of 11°C can be expected.

Days start warming up from Friday [October 2], when Capetonians can enjoy a high of 18°C and low of 12°C.

The weekend is looking like a good one to spend outdoors. Saturday [October 3] is predicted to have a high of 22°C and low of 12°C, while Sunday will boast a warm 23°C high.

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