The Mother City isn’t called the Cape of Storms for nothing. The province has been lashed with turbulent weather during the last few days, and havoc has spread from land to sea.

On Thursday night [October 1], gale force winds uprooted trees and pulled off roof sheeting across the Western Cape.

Along the coastline, the seas were just as crazy as the wind. Well known photographer Nigel Riley captured some incredible images of the rough seas rising in Kalk Bay. The Kalk Bay lighthouse and pier were seemingly almost engulfed by the massive waves.

Even the birds had to flee for cover from the fierce waters.

Provincial Department of Local Government Ministry Spokesperson James-Brent Styan told SABC News the adverse weather conditions will continue on Friday [October 2].

“We are expecting a lot of rain in areas that have not had a lot of rain before that includes the Central Karoo region, the parts of the Garden Route and in the Overberg. We are expecting the strong winds to continue until tomorrow evening in the City of Cape Town and elsewhere in the province. This goes along with big waves along the coast line. So we want to urge people to avoid driving as much as possible.”

View more of Nigel Riley’s work on his Facebook page.

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Picture/s: Nigel Riley

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