Capetonians are in for a blistering hot day on Wednesday, January 13 and you can’t use the beach to cool off. Temperatures will reach as high as 38°C in some parts of the Western Cape and the winds will be blowing wild.

According to the South African Weather Service’s (SAWS) regional forecast, the Western Cape will experience “hot to very hot weather in the west, but cloudy and cool with light rain along the south coast and adjacent interior, otherwise partly cloudy and warm. It will be cloudy to partly and hot over the central and eastern interior with afternoon thunderstorms.

“The wind along the coast will be moderate north-westerly north of Cape Columbine in the morning, otherwise fresh to strong easterly to south-easterly. The expected UVB sunburn index: Extreme.”

Paarl will be a boiling 38°C and Cape Town CBD may reach a high of 34°C.

SAWS also warns that the FDI index is above 75, which means fires may develop and spread rapidly, resulting in damage to property and possible loss of human and/or animal life.

It seems the hot weather won’t last for long, however,  two days of rain are on the cards for this week. Friday [January 15] and Saturday [January 16] have a 60% and 50% chance of rain respectively. There will also be a welcome dip in temperature to the low 20s.

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