More rain is heading our way this week, and we’re hoping to crack the 70% mark. The South African Weather Service has predicted rainfall from Monday until Wednesday, with a 60% chance of rainfall measured with an average of 5-10mm expected each day. Dam levels on 14 September sat at 69,7% full and this week’s heavy rainfall may just push it over the 70% mark. A series of cold fronts have hit the city in the last few weeks, increasing dam levels and bringing some snow with it to certain parts of the Western Cape.

Monday, 17 September 

Monday’s rainfall.        Pictures: Ventusky

On Monday, there is a 60% chance of showers expected with an average of 5-10mm rainfall through the day. Winds of 12mph – 25mph are expected along parts of the Western Cape. Light showers will fall in the morning and afternoon, increasing from 8pm onward. Temperatures will reach 17°C  and a minimum of 12°C.


Tuesday, 18 September

Tuesday’s rainfall.

The mountainous areas will receive between 15mm – 20mm of rainfall during the day. Light rainfall will fall in the early morning, with a maximum of 0,12 inches anticipated. Paarl and Worcester can expected increased rainfall from 2pm until the late afternoon, with 0,4inches of rainfall expected. Temperatures range from a brisk 9°C to 16°C.


Wednesday, 19 September 

Wednesday rainfall.

A thunderstorm has been forecast for Wednesday from 2pm with an expected rainfall of 0.08 inches. There is 60% chance of rainfall with 5mm-10mm expected for the city. Temperatures will drop to 9°C, and reach a maximum of 15°C.


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