We say it a lot, but that’s because it’s true: We have it all down here on the very tip of Africa. Cape Town is unmeasurably blessed with a gorgeous coastline that makes for some of the world’s best beaches.

What makes a beach a “good” beach? Is it Blue Flag status? The whiteness of the sand or the blueness of the water? Or does it come down to facilities and amenities? Tourism boards across the world might have several categories to tick but for me, it’s a feeling I get when I’m there. Not exactly objective, I know. I stand by what I said.

In principle, I love any beach. But everyone has favourites, we can’t help it. All beaches are equal, but some are more equal than others. Because I’m a dog mom, I love a good doggo-friendly beach. Luna is family and where I go, she goes.

I’m also a fan of open spaces, which is preferable in any case during a highly-contagious pandemic. I absolutely adore the shores of Blouberg and Milnerton. Sunset Beach is a go-to, a mini-vacation for me. Watching the kite surfers do their thing has fascinated me forever. And, true to its name, the sunsets here are out of this world.

Ah, but then I’m pulled in two because St James Beach on the other side of the world is a jol. It has a completely different vibe, but every bit as lovely. Picturing the laid-back spot I think of surfers in wet suits coming in and out of the countless surf shops and little ones with salty hair reaching for ice cream cones.

When people chat about their weekend plans (going to shop here or eat there) I’m almost surprised. And don’t get me wrong, in a city such as ours, the world’s your oyster. Me? I’m headed to the beach and catching a wave. Sea you out there.

Picture: Anita Froneman

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