If you go down to Fish Hoek beach today, you might come across some truly unique marine life.

Lucky local Maria Wagener captured incredible images of these unique blue creature that washed up on Fish Hoek beach on Monday, November 16.

This strange Pokemón-esque creature is called Glaucus Atlanticus, more commonly known as the blue sea slug or blue dragon. This sea slug can be found throughout the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.

This slug can grow over 3 centimetres long. Its blue colouring helps to camouflage it against the sea surface from predators.

They typically feed on large venomous prey like the Portuguese man o’ war and the blue button jelly.

Be careful around this one: this slug is immune to toxins, and collects them in special sacs within the branches at the end of its appendages.  When it is threatened, it can release its stinging cells to deliver an incredibly potent sting.

Pictures: Facebook / Fish Hoek Beach

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