The Mother City is a thriving hub of all sorts of interesting and unusual people, you never know who you’re going to meet. We’ve put together a fun guide to 5 of the more common types of people you’ll come across in Cape Town, not only to entertain you, but also to prepare you. Which one are you?


1. The Fitness Fiend

Runner of marathons, expert in all fitness forms.


This active Capetonian does every type of workout there is, from yoga and boxing, to hiking on the weekends or even before work in the morning.

Always with a gym bag in hand and in need of a post workout shower. Count on the Fitness Fiend to be in optimum shape and ready for virtually any form of physically challenge no matter how unnecessary.

Talking points are their favourite protein powders and which active wear is best for intense sessions.


2. The Foreigner 

Visitor to the Mother City, discoverer of all things.


Excited to be in Cape Town and full of energy and gusto. Brought to the Mother City either through an interesting and unusual internship or simply because they were bored.

Usually ultra fashion conscious in their younger years and always wearing sandals and a bag with way too many pockets in their older years. Prepared to swap their trendy heels or multicoloured sandals for a pair of hiking boots in a heartbeat at the chance to scale Lions Head. Loves the use of local lingo and now owns an unusually large number of African patterned wardrobe pieces.

Talking points are education you have to pay for and places they have or haven’t visited yet.


3. The Hippy

Lover of all things natural, wearer of tie dye and hemp.


A regular in the trance party circles, the Cape Town hippy is the life of the party.

All their clothing is from SKA and they use the Water Crisis as an excuse for why they haven’t had a shower in over a week. Rocking multicolored clothing, bagging crotch pants, a headband and a different pair of sunglasses almost everyday, the Cape Town hippy is easy to spot from a distance. Always ready to give advice on how have healthy chakra points and improve your life through self medication.

Talking points are the next festivals on the calendar,  juice cleanses and their favourite yoga poses.


4. The Vegan

Animal activist, voicer of opinions.


The vegan is hard to spot but give it enough time and they will tell you exactly just how vegan they are.

Closely related to the hippy, the vegan prefers to live life, all natural. Wearing only plant based materials and using only plant based products, a walking index of all the vegan or vegetarian restaurants in town.

Talking points are opinions on animal rights and the best alternative sources of protein.


5. The Foodie

Head chef of the house,  food connoisseur.


Familiar with every aspect of the Cape culinary scene, outright pedantic about restaurant recommendations and will definitely take it personally if you don’t end up going.

Always ready to offer advice on a recipe or judge your inability to cook.

Has a vast collection of various spices and a specially embroidered apron at home. Commonly heard saying things like, “Is this artisan?” and buying cook books to add to their already heaped accumulation.

Talking points are their favourite dishes or restaurants in the Mother City.


6. The Surfer

One with the ocean, master of all waves.


More at home at sea than on dry land, the Cape Town surfer is all about that ocean life.

With a wetsuit tan to die for and an unusually high tolerance to cold, this modern day mermaid has mastered all the waves Cape Town has to offer and knows all the Mother City beaches like the back of their surf board.

Talking points are Cape Town’s best beaches and which water sports you’ve been missing out on your whole life.


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