Travel off the beaten path and discover South Africa’s rich art history on the foothills of Constantiaberg at the Norval Foundation, where renowned local artists and their work take centre stage.

Not only are the grounds of the Norval Foundation a sight to behold but within the walls of this stellar establishment, a true treat for your eyes awaits.

Visitors to this stunning art gallery can enjoy the unique works of iconic artist, Wim Botha, until January 22, 2019.

Botha’s exhibition, Heliostat, explores the transformation of light and brings together key works created throughout his career, from 2001 to 2018.

“It is an unusual experience for me, because Heliostat is partially historical and looking back on works that were done in a very different time in the history of the country and when I was in a different place,” said Botha.

His one-of-a-kind creations make use of high-level sculpting skills and the unusual carving of books bolted together to create works of art.

Works displayed reference Afrikaans culture and are created using multiple media including furniture, mielie pap, books, styrofoam and wood.

Botha’s works are showcased in galleries one to eight, with a special experience waiting in the last gallery, as it is one of the most unique exhibition areas, with its wide open spaces and high ceilings.

The artist told us more about why is exhibition is called Heliostat.

“Heliostat, I discovered recently is a fantastic device that is used currently as a very high-tech application but also in the old clockmakers skills, whereby a mechanical device tracks the movement of the sun, or the perceived movement of the sun as the earth rotates. And the object tracks the path of the sun and reflects that light onto a single point and by moving in sync with the cosmos, it singularly focuses that ever-changing, ever-moving element onto a single idea. It is huge in the sense that you make the sun stand still. A heliostat makes the sun stand still effectively, and it is a beautiful thing trying to understand the things that shape us, and for a moment to put a spotlight on a single idea. So as a capsule of all the works on this exhibition, not just because they span a certain period of time looking back at it, but many of the works deal with the travails of humans in the face of forces that are bigger than us.” said Botha.

Suspension of Disbelief, made from bibles, 2001

Botha’s exhibition is a must-see and appeals to lovers of both local and international art, with its gripping subject matter and breathtaking craftsmanship.

Visitors can also enjoy the gorgeous grounds at the Norval Foundation including the sculpture garden and sophisticated Skotnes Restaurant.

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