Strap your hiking shoes on and get ready to go exploring. Adventurers are invited to join an official Treasure Hunt in the Helderberg Basin, in which one lucky winner will win R10 000.

Treasure Hunt Spring 2020, hosted by Treasure World, is an online event designed to get people outdoors and exploring the beauty of Mother Nature. R10 000 has been hidden in a treasure chest in the Helderberg Basin, which is a pretty nice incentive. All you need to do is find it.

Jacques van den Heever from Somerset West came up with the idea to host the treasure hunt because he wanted to bring smiles to faces amid the doom and gloom of the nationwide lockdown.

“The idea of treasure world began during lockdown 2020. Trapped inside of my home began the idea of: ‘How can I inspire hope in people? That this lockdown is not the end of the world’,” reads the official website.

“Since science tells us that nothing better lifts our mood than Mother Nature, I was wrestling with the idea of how to motivate people to explore the outdoors. That’s what sparked the idea of why not hide a treasure chest and inspire people to go look for it. And the reward must be worthwhile. I found a sponsor for R10 000 to the person that can find the hidden treasure chest.

“This treasure hunt is for everyone. It’s hidden somewhere in the Helderberg basin. I hope you will be the bold one to find the treasure chest. And if not you, enjoy the surroundings while searching for it. Now you have a reason to go out.”

The treasure hunt kicks off on October 4 and ends whenever the chest is found, be it days or months later. Participants will receive 10 clues electronically and must decipher them to find the chest. Inside the chest is a digital key and instructions on where to send it to claim the prize.

Registration costs R150 per person, buy your tickets here: or via WhatsApp: 068 2166 754.
Picture: Facebook / Trasure World

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