Capetonians are coming together to tackle climate change by supporting the #Spekboomchallenge. One SA local in particular has gone above and beyond by spending his school holiday planting 750 spekboom plants.

Eleven-year-old Chris-Tiaan from KwaZulu-Natal, reportedly South Africa’s youngest Global Warming Ambassador, is on a mission to raise awareness about the wonderplant, spekboom. Also known as Pork Bush and Elephant’s Food, spekboom is a true powerhouse plant that absorbs the highest amounts of carbon dioxide compared to any other plant in existence. The plant is water-wise and easy to care for, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

This young environmental warrior spent his school holidays planting spekboom to help rid the planet of CO2 emissions. Chris-Tiaan is incredibly passionate about saving the planet.

“Our grandson, Chris-Tiaan, 11, has a dream to fight global warming and to make SA a healthier place to live in and if there is one person who can do it, it is most certainly him! He is a force to reckon with! Chris-Tiaan is living with Autism, which he calls his superpowers, (a better description is really awesomenism),” reads a Facebook post.

“This little child has been through extremely heartbreaking circumstances with his mom’s illness and passing in Dec 2017 but has conquered it all and lives an amazing full life of giving and sharing. Everyone meeting Chris-Tiaan can witness how this child has impacted their lives including ours! His positivity and bravery, despite his many challenges, have inspired me to keep on going, to try harder and to never give up.”

Chris-Tiaan’s grandparents have been self-funding the project but they now need your help. They are asking for people to support their initiative by either purchasing Spekboom from them or donating on Back-a-Buddy.

If you would like to support, here is the Back a Buddy link. You can also contact them on [email protected] or WhatsApp 082 595 8683.

Not only does Chris-Tiaan care for the planet, he also cares for his fellow man. He recently purchased food for a shopper who seemed to be struggling financially.

Chris-Tiaan has just stolen my heart all over again. We were in Checkers getting a few things for his return to school…

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Picture: Facebook / Spekboom Initiative Against Global Warming

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