L-Gin handcrafted gin started in July 2018 with three gin loving friends from Elgin. Inspired by the fruit growing in the Elgin Valley and the abundance of oak trees which line many farm roads, they now produce four flavours using the locally grown fruit and locally grown juniper.

Through small batch distillation, their long term dream of Elgin-inspired gin became a reality and a celebration of friendship.

Moreover, just because they are three girls, they argue that the anti-oxidants in juniper & blueberries and the cell repairing agents of apples and other botanicals they use, make them believe that: “Never before has drinking gin been more anti-a GINg”!

Their offerings include:

 Lush – Michelangelo  2020 DOUBLE  GOLD

Distilled with locally grown botanicals, Granny Smith apples, lemon & ginger.

 Crush – Michelangelo  2020   GOLD

Distilled with locally grown botanicals, blueberries, indiginous salvia & African striped pepper

 Plush  – Michelangelo 2020   GIN TROPHY

Their twist on an African dry and matured in oak. Each sip starts as a young whiskey and finishes as gin.


Distilled with locally grown botanicals, lemongrass & ginger. Ideal for picnics and with a convenient twisting tap in a tube.

L-Gin are running a special Christmas competition to help lift spirits this festive season. Three lucky customers will receive an extra bottle for every bottle of gin ordered through their site. Simply order online from www.l-gin.net and use promo code: Cape Town Etc to be entered into the competition.

The closing date of the competition is December 14, 2020. Orders within the South African borders will be eligble for this competition.

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