Cape Town’s talent gets better and bolder every year. Since lockdown, more and more Capetonians have been using TikTok as a way to show the world their talents, creativity, and most importantly, their voice to send out powerful messages to the online community.

Zahirah Benjamin from Cape Town Etc found her top five TikTok stars that are making waves in the digital realm.



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Meet Wian, or WianMagic. His online presence is impressive with 11.7-million followers and counting. His content is mainly focused on showing the world his amazing magic tricks and he has been nominated for an award at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2021.

Reece Lewis

Next up we have talented dancer Reece Lewis. This bright young lady has over 4-million likes on her platform and is using her dancing to inspire others and showcase to the world that she is worthy of dancing on the world’s biggest stage.

Gabriella Lewittion


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It seems like Cape Town-based dancers are dominating the platform, Gabriella Lewittion is one of South Africa’s biggest and most followed dancers on Tik Tok. Gabriella may be young but that’s not stopping this strong and ambitious girl! My advice, keep an eye out for miss Lewittion because who knows, she may be making some big deals in the future to come.

Pablo Pareti

@pabloparetiParadise♬ original sound – Nat Uzumaki

We all need to laugh from time to time, especially during this pandemic. Thank goodness for South African-born comedian Pablo Pareti. Not only is he a professional model, he is also funny (according to his local fans). It is evident from his online presence and 15.7-million likes that his content is worthy of watching. So if you are having a bad day or just need a quick cheer up, head to Pablo Pareti’s TikTok to brighten your day.

Kelsey Maggott

The beauty standards of society are no longer what they use to be. Women all over the world are embracing who they are and what they look like. TikTok influencer Kelsey Maggott is one of these women. She has taking TikTok by storm, with over 1-million followers from all over the world and counting. She is using the platform in the most powerful and liberating way, showing off to the world that women have body hair too.  She is definitely breaking barriers and using her platform to encourage all girls and women all over the world.

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