You may recognise Janice as the beautiful, larger than life voice always on stage with Cape Town’s pop sensation Jimmy Nevis. Now, Janice is taking center stage and joining the Rude World record label, and releasing two solo singles in the last couple of months. We caught up with the rising mega voice to find out more about her solo journey so far.

How did your love affair with music and singing begin?

As a child, I fell in love with the voices of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. I would constantly listen to their music and try to mimic their voices song after song. I think I know most of their lyrics and vocal moments in their songs, haha. I was also fortunate to grow up in a family of singers. All of my aunts and uncles sing very well and we would often do karaoke evenings when everyone got together. That was loads of fun!

You’ve been on the music scene for a long time and now you’re embarking on your solo career. What are you most excited about with this new adventure?

Firstly, I’m excited to be able to share my music and my heart with everyone! It’s been my dream for a very long time! I’m ready to see it unfold now and to see where this journey will take me. Two years ago, when I was initially approached by the label, I would not have been ready. But I believe timing is everything. And my time is now!

Your latest single, Battle Scars, is one of those feel-good hits I’ll play when I need that extra boost of confidence and motivation when the days get tough. What did the song mean to you when you were creating it?

Battle Scars is very close to my heart. Some of the lyrics I actually wrote three years ago for another song, when I had gone to through a very tough time in my life. But, when I thought about that time and where I’m at now, I was reminded that I had grown and that things had changed (light bulb moment haha). So I knew that I wanted this song to be positive,to remind everyone that those tough times make you a stronger person and that when you go through any life battle you are the only person that can get yourself through. So you have to believe in YOU.

Extasy and Battle Scars are songs both filled with hope and a little bit of sass. What other emotions are you hoping to inspire with your music?

Because I love writing from a very real place. Who knows what I’m gonna feel next or be inspired by haha. It could just be loveĀ or haters – but I’ll just shake them off . Thanks, Taylor, for writing about that one.

When you’re not belting it out and wowing us on stage, where’s your favourite spot in Cape Town to listen to music and feel inspired?

I am obsessed with our city at night, when it’s lit up and bright it’s just beautiful! I love to go to Signal Hill or Lion’s Head and sit in my car with music and my lyric book. Also, our beaches at night are so calming. I love it!


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